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landscaping in houston texas

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Landscaping in Houston Texas - Professional Residential Landscaping and Lawn care Services

If you’re searching for Landscaping in Houston, TX, you’ve come to the right place because there’s nothing more appealing than a house with breathtaking landscapes.

But well, Houstonians might have a bit of a problem, especially during summers, since the weather can be extremely humid and scorching hot, and you can very much find your favourite plants dying out in the yard. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t create and maintain a gorgeous landscape.

landscaping in houston texas
Front yard landscaping in houston texas

Why Choose us for Landscaping in Houston?

For Houstonians, there are a plethora of landscaping companies available. But we at Houston Landscapers, we will make it according to your taste and carefully consider every detail. It’s no lie that landscaping, for starters, can be quite difficult; it’s important to make a layout first and try to visualize it, the kind of design you want in your front yard, back yard, patio or swimming pool area.

Once you have a clear idea of how you want it decorated in the specific yard, you can ask our professional Houston landscapers to help you create or build the landscape of your dreams.

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    Affordable Landscaping in Houston Tx

    Front yard landscaping in houston texas

    If you’re on a budget, take time and visualize it and make some affordable landscaping plans to revamp the front yard and the backyard. To build or to create landscapes doesn’t necessarily have to be a costly investment. Beautiful landscapes or jaw-dropping landscapes don’t always have to be expensive, you can build them more affordably, and nobody’s even going to know. Ask your friends or neighbours for landscaping ideas and incorporate them into yours and come up with your unique landscaping idea that will look just as beautiful, whether it’s cheap or expensive.

    If you’re a beginner, it’s quite understandable if you’re confused and don’t have much idea about landscaping. The best way is to reach out to professional Houston landscapers for architectural and design ideas. We will provide you with the best ideas and hopefully leave you with a satisfactory result.

    Planting trees is an easy job, and it is cost-ineffective, and probably one of the most budget-friendly backyard landscaping projects and you only need some digging tools, some mulching and the trees. Moreover, the trees you planted in the backyard will help you save money in the future as you can also sell the sampling of the trees. Trees not only provide you shade and comfort but it is also a wise investment.

    Here are some affordable landscaping ideas for the front yard and backyard of your house.

    #1. Create a Walkway

    Adding a walkway in the front yard is simple yet elegant, and it’s inexpensive. The next time you visit the beach, collect beach stones and add them to the walkways. Another great idea for creating walkways are stepping stones or pavers, and it’s not only an excellent choice, but it makes the yard look more appealing and attractive. Pathways can also fend off people from walking on the lawn and gives a sense of direction. If you want to go to the next yard, follow along the walkways, leading you there.

    #2. Store Rocks in the Garden as a decoration

    Rocks come in different shapes, sizes and colours, and you can find them anywhere. What better way to decorate your garden by storing all kinds of rocks, right? Nonetheless, you’ll have to ensemble these stones, rocks and boulders to make them look more artistic. With all the greenery and flowers in the yard, decorating rocks will add that extra appeal. What’s more, it’s cheap, and you can even get it for free.

    #3. Try Vertical Gardening

    Everybody loves gardening, but what will you do if you don’t have enough space? Have you ever considered a vertical gardening hack? You should, and it will save you space, time and energy. Vertical gardening is not just budget-friendly, but it saves up space as it uses vertical space to grow plants. With vertical gardening, you don’t have to buy pots, you can repurpose old cans, unused bottles, and maybe you can do a few DIY projects on them, and once you’re done with it, you can start planting and have your very own vertical garden. Easy and affordable.

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    Low Maintenance Landscaping in Houston Tx - Landscaping Ideas
    For front yard.

    Houston is a perfect place to build a tropical landscape if you have a bigger backyard. Tropical landscaping is never boring; you can also incorporate them with other styles. Planting edible elements is also a terrific idea. You can have a variety of fruits like tangerines, grapefruits, lemons etc., for breakfast while admiring the stunning view of the trees.

    Tropical landscaping might take years, and patience is all you need, but the result is worth it. Indeed, there are many landscaping companies for Houstonians but before you try them out in your yards, first do thorough research as some of the landscaping ideas may not work in your yard. Talk to an expert at Houston Landscapers and then proceed with your plan.

    We have compiled some of the best ideas for landscaping in Houston, Texas for those looking for front yard landscaping.

    #1 Layering your flower beds is a must

    Keeping in mind the climatic condition in Houston, the first thing you should do is layering the flower beds. Do pay heed to the sun, shade and drainage. Homeowners should also make sure that the moisture of the soil is just right for the plants. The flower beds laid out in your front yard should have a mixture of short and tall shrubs for more of a curb appeal.

    #2. Cover up the unsightly areas

    Weeds or grasses grow in the most unwanted places. Clearing out these weeds and grasses can be tiring. The best way is to cover them up by using ground plants like Pachysandra, as it not only adds a hue but is appealing to the eyes. Using ground cover makes it difficult for grasses to grow in unwanted areas, and its maintenance is low.

    #3. Mulching is another great addition.

    Homeowners should consider mulching if they want their flower beds to look better and perform better. With mulching, it helps plants maintain moisture and thus makes the plants look healthier, and it greatly helps in suppressing unsightly grasses.

    #4. More Perennials for your front yard.

    For hotter regions like Houston, perennial shrubs like Hydrangeas or Azaleas are more suitable to grow. These plants come in a variety of colours which adds colour and brightness to the front yard. Moreover, it’s inexpensive and low maintenance. Ensure that you consult with a professional or contact the nearest local nursery for guidance and how to maintain and manage the perennials to prevent them from growing wide.

    #5. Decorate the trees with flower beds around them.

    Most front yards have trees, and even if yours doesn’t, it’s still alright. If you want to decorate the plain-looking trees and make them look more lively, build flower beds around them, you can try out different colours or just one kind. It’s totally up to you but make sure that the flowers you plant are suitable for the high humidity in the Houston area.

    #6. Landscape Lighting— a hot trend in Houston

    Do you know what’s hot and trendy in Houston? It’s the landscaping lighting. Houstonians are gushing over this landscape lighting trend as it looks elegant, its maintenance is low, and it can withstand different types of weather. Unlike plants, lightning doesn’t have to be watered. The climatic conditions don’t matter, nor does it care about the moisture of the soil.

    The only thing that you need to use is electricity or solar or a charged up inverter to bring out that extra brightness to your front yard as night befalls. However, we’d reckon you to use solar for the lighting as it is more energy-efficient, plus Houston is a place where you get plenty of sunlight during summers.

    Landscaping Services Houston Tx - Backyard Landscaping Ideas

    #1. Automated Lawn and Landscape

    Houston homeowners know how to set their game up high. It’s also because most homeowners are busy with their lives and want to spend more time having fun, and as a result, they don’t have the time to maintain the lawn.

    Nowadays, automation is a very hot trend in Houston. Homeowners have robots that mow the lawn, from irrigation to electricity etc. Understandably, it becomes difficult to maintain everything if you have a big lawn and a massive landscape.

    #2. Make it Artsy and Whimsical.

    Houston is home to the country’s largest art museums. No wonder Houstonians homeowners incorporate arts and crafts into the backyard, starting from the furniture to water features and sculptures, which are a great addition to the backyard.

    #3. Add artistic water features in the backyard.

    What’s more elegant and breathtaking than the sight of a fountain? If you want to make your backyard look more sophisticated and enchanting, add water features. Ask for an exterior designer to design it according to how you want it. But do keep in mind that adding water features is more expensive, although it’s quite the game-changer. You’ll be satisfied with the outcome.

    Front yard landscaping in houston texas

    Amanda Seyfried

    Houston, Texas

    I've had the pleasure of using the great service provided by Houston Landscapers. They really helped us to get our lawn clean and hygienic. This is greatly appreciated. Professional staff at an affordable price. They are your ideal landscaping service with a bang.

    residential landscaping houston texas

    Thomas Michael

    Houston, Texas

    Houston Landscapers did an amazing job of laying grass in the backyard of our home. We've been staying there for the last few weeks. The price was reasonable for the amount of work involved in the project, and they completed excellent work within a short time.

    Residential Landscaping Houston Tx

    residential landscaping houston texas

    It could be time to try something new if your residence is looking a little dull right now. However, this does not imply that you must paint or otherwise repair the interiors. Instead, make use of your backyards for inspiration. You may get a lot more value out of accessorizing the exterior of your home, especially today when we’re all far more inclined to be socializing outside. Natural elements like flora and fauna, privacy trees, masonry, and swimming pools all contribute to a considerably more appealing place for your potential guests (as well as a relaxing getaway for you!).

    We’ve gathered some of our best landscaping ideas for your resedital landscaping Houton Texas, hoping that they’ll help you plan your future outdoor project. Allow these inexpensive landscaping ideas to inspire you to build your lovely garden or front lawn courtyard.

    #1. Incorporating Pots

    Pots in landscaping make a yard more low-maintenance and versatile. Potted plants are a simple and flexible method to bring colour to various areas of a garden. To add a splash of colour, match the flowers to the season. In the spring and early summer, go with whites and pinks; in the fall, go with colours such as red and yellows

    #2. Light Up Focal Points and Pathways

    Landscape lights allow attractive landscaping to be visible after hours, which is when they are useful. The lights serve various purposes, including enhancing the appearance of the home, illuminating pathways and walkways for safety, and highlighting areas of interest in the landscape. One of the most popular applications is to place lights beside routes and walks. However, this does not mean that they must be placed in straight lines at predetermined intervals. Instead, put them on opposing ends of the path to break up a line.

    #3. Adding an Outdoor seating

    An outdoor hideaway can be created by placing a porch or bench away from the house towards the yard’s border. It is possible to utilize concrete, stones, or pavers. If the place is created near trees or tall flowers, it will be more peaceful, and chairs or benches will offer you to work or sleep while sitting or lying down. Keep it 6 to 8 feet away from your property boundary and encircle it with flowers.

    #4. Designing a Water feature

    A water design should blend in with its surroundings, even if it’s a little self-contained water feature on a porch. You may make it out of natural materials or a stone or substance that matches the one you used on your house. However, your attempt could backfire if you use too many resources. To keep in mind is to use no more than three pieces in a single location. Otherwise, the area will become overly congested.

    #5. Building a pathway

    Rather than mowing the lawn and creating a haphazard trail of dead grasses linking your patio, fire pit, and garden, create a gorgeous pathway with concrete stepping stones, natural cobblestone, decorative brick, or rock pieces.

    To visually connect the walk to the home, build a route, pathway, and any other landscaping feature out of the same or similar material used outside the house, such as brick or stone. Alternatively, you may use the fabric to make a beautiful walkway.